Comparing Electric Log Splitter and Gas-powered Log Splitter

What is the difference between an electric log splitter and a gas-powered log splitter? Which is better to use? How does one advantage from the other? Before answering any of these questions, it is important to know first how a log splitter works so as to completely understand which among its two power sources is better and recommendable to use.

A log splitter is a kind of equipment or machinery that is used to split firewood from hardwood or softwood logs. These logs have been previously cut into round portions, typically with the use of a saw bench or chainsaw. There are different kinds or models of log splitters available in the market to accommodate different needs of consumers. There are some log splitters that only have minimal tons of pressure as these models are ideal for home use. On the other hand, there are some models of log splitters that consist of higher tons of pressure as these are mostly used for professional matters, such as in construction businesses and the like.


Differences noted between an electric log splitter and a gas-powered log splitter

As mentioned, a log splitter can be powered by two mediums. There are some models of log splitters that are run by an electric motor while others are powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. Regardless of how a log splitter is powered, the work outcome of this equipment is the same. However, there are some differences noted between an electric log splitter and a gas-powered log splitter in terms of saving other elements, which are money and the environment.

Like other equipments, there will come a time that a log splitter will come into a halt due to low power. In recharging an electric log splitter, the user only needs electricity and charge the equipment for a given time. On the other hand, a gas-powered log splitter needs to be refueled with gasoline or diesel, the amount of which depends on the model of the log splitter.

If these two means are compared, it can be observed that an electric log splitter can be more economical or money-saving. This is because an electric log splitter only needs little amount of electricity unlike in a gas-powered log splitter, wherein the user would have to spend piles of dollars on fuel.

Electric log splitter is more environmentally friendly than gas-powered log splitter

Aside from being economical, an electric log splitter is also more environmentally friendly that a gas-powered log splitter. In most cases, a gas-powered log splitter harms the environment as it burns fossil fuels. In addition, using a gas-powered log splitter may also result to destruction of the atmosphere and the ozone later. All these side effects of a gas-powered log splitter are not evident when an electric log splitter is used. The latter does not use nor emit harmful chemicals that will surely destroy every part of the environment.

Although an electric log splitter is more advantageous that a gas-powered log splitter, an electrical outlet should be within reach when one uses the former. This minor reminder should always be remembered to fully enjoy the benefits of using an electric log splitter at logsplitteradvisor and make work easier.

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