Some important tips to escape from hazards of log splitter while use it

Log splitters can be called the mechanical equipment that helps in chopping off the woods. The chopping and cutting of the firewood can be a difficult thing to do, so the electrical machinery makes it an easier task.  Though the log- splitters are of great use and reduce your work- stress, they can also be dangerous if they are not used with caution.  Certain incidents and accidents can take place if they are not used carefully.

Here are some of the most common incidents that may take place when you are not working carefully with the log- splitter-

  • While loading the logs on the log- splitter, your fingers may come between the wedge and the plate, if you misjudge the timings.
  • When you hold the wood for chopping, if you put your hand along with the wood due to mistake, you may again end up getting injured.
  • Your fingers may get chopped or injured.


So, these are to name a few accidents that may occur, now given below are five tips as how you can remain careful and protect yourself from such mishaps-

  • SECURE MANEUVER :- Make sure that the log splitters that you use have got more of fixed parts. If the person that is chopping the logs is exposed to more of moveable parts, then there are chances that the accidents and injuries may happen more. So, it is better that the moveable parts of the log- splitter are away from the reach of the people.
  • SAFE DESIGN :- Make sure that the design that you select for the log- splitter has got a safe. It should be user safe. It should not threat your life. In other words, it should be user-friendly.
  • USER MANUAL :- There should also a user manual so that you can use the log- splitter with a lot of safety and without getting hurt and injured.  You should read the manual with a lot of patience and then follow the instructions and act accordingly. You should use the log- splitters according to the instructions of the manufacturers.
  • Apart from you should maintain the distance from the moveable parts of the log- splitters.
  • Make sure before starting with the log- splitters that it functions nicely so that you do not receive surprises afterward.
  • Apart from that, you should never operate the machine while being very close to the machine, make sure that you maintain at least 20 feet distance when operating from the wood splitters.
  • Never wear loose clothes when operating with the log- splitter, it may happen that your clothes may come in between the machine and may cause accidents.
  • Machines should be put off when you are loading the logs in the machine because if the machine is on then, you may end up getting hurt and injured.

So, these are the some of the tips that you should follow to keep yourself safe and prevent accidents at the time of using the log- splitters.

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